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Modern Pool Designs for Phoenix, AZ Properties

Has your in-ground swimming pool started to show signs of aging with missing tiles, crumbling coping, or noticeable staining? Your faithful friend has provided a relaxing backyard oasis for many years. You and your kids have likely sought relief from all those sweltering Arizona summers inside its cool, refreshing waters. You may be able to give it a makeover instead of building a new pool from scratch, thanks to Tribal Waters’ modern pool designs in the Greater Phoenix Area. If you’re interested in updating and modernizing your residential swimming pool, our pool builders would be happy to help. Our pool remodeling and resurfacing services can take years off your pool’s appearance without breaking the bank. From new tiling to full pool renovations, we have various options available to suit your budget. Reach out to our swimming pool contractors to begin discussing your pool aesthetic needs today!

Does Your Pool Need a Simple Remodel or Complete Overhaul?

The first decision you must make is how extensive your swimming pool remodeling project needs to be. Does your pool just need a simple remodel or a complete overhaul for you to get several more years of enjoyment out of it? Pool renovations go beyond mere pool aesthetics. Updating your pool design can also enhance its functionality while reducing your water consumption and pool maintenance costs. In many cases, the price of a modern pool remodel can practically pay for itself over time. From safety and access upgrades to the installation of automated pool cleaners, lighting, and covers, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to modern pool design. The redesign possibilities are endless with our experienced residential pool builders at your project’s helm.

Deck and Pool Resurfacing Offers a Fresh, Contemporary Feel

One of the best ways to make your pool sparkle like new again is to consider deck and pool resurfacing. While this isn’t usually a cheap fix, fewer pool renovations serve a more practical purpose. Over the years, usage and exposure to the elements can cause discoloration, chips, and bare spots in your pool’s plaster. Today, pool plaster comes in a rainbow of colors to give you a multitude of affordable, custom options. Smooth pebbles, stones, shells, and other materials offer more upscale resurfacing choices, some of which may provide you long-lasting color as well as slip-resistant qualities for enhanced safety. Many homeowners enjoy the look of ceramic tile around their in-ground swimming pool. Updating your pool’s waterline tile can also give it a fresh, modern look and feel. With so many colors, patterns, styles, and sizes to choose from, custom pool design is a breeze when you call Tribal Waters’ experts.

Custom LED Lighting Is Perfect for a Little Night Swimming

One of the most affordable ways to update your custom pool design is to add energy-efficient LED lighting. Not only will your new LED lights add a glamorous look and feel to your private oasis, but they should save you some money on your utilities. LED lights come in various colors to complement any pool style. Some can even be programmed to create dazzling light shows for holiday and family gatherings.

Why Saltwater Conversions and Heating System Upgrades Help

Many homeowners ask us about converting their swimming pool to a saltwater system. Chlorine is created from salt to keep your pool sanitary instead of requiring you to add chlorine tabs to the water. Chlorine is often irritating to the eyes and skin, and it can be expensive to keep up with it. A saltwater conversion could make your pool maintenance costs much cheaper in the long-term. The installation of a variable-speed pool pump or an electric heat pump could also cut energy costs while reducing pump noise levels and heating your swimming pool or spa faster.

Water Features and Fun Add-Ons to Make the Most of Your Pool

Sometimes adding a focal point to your swimming pool design can create a contemporary feeling. Waterfalls, fountains, and other water features can breathe new life into your pool while enhancing your enjoyment and comfort. Other fun add-ons you may want to consider include diving boards, slides, and splash pads, which are perfect for the entire family. Our swimming pool contractors would be happy to look at your pool and advise you about the safest additions based upon its size and depth.

Talk to Us About Upgrading Your Pool Design and Equipment

Other honorable mentions you may want to consider for your Phoenix modern pool design update include handrails, pool enclosures, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens. When you call Tribal Waters Custom Pools & Spas to discuss your pool renovation, we’ll examine your pool’s primary equipment for any signs of leaks or damages. Next, we’ll make recommendations on what you can do to update your pool design to maximize the years of enjoyment you’ll get out of your swimming pool. Talk to us today!

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