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Energy Efficient Pool Pumps in Phoenix, AZ

Variable speed pool pumps provide all types of features and money-saving technology to provide you with the very best for your pool or spa. If you are looking for a new variable speed pump replacement or a new installation, we’re here for you. These pumps allow you to save considerably on your investments by lowering your energy bills, allowing you to extend the time your pool is open as well. Their quiet performance also is great for peaceful relaxation. Program the speed and flow settings to your needs and change the filtration cycles and cleaners to fit your pool. Plus, one of the biggest features of variable speed pumps is their ability to be automated. Set it and forget it! Learn about our wide offerings of brand-name variable speed pool pumps and how we can serve you. When you’re ready, visit our Phoenix, AZ pool supply store to upgrade your pool or spa.

Why Variable Speed Pumps?

Variable Speed Pool Pump: Variable speed pumps can cut energy use by up to 90% by adjusting to deliver the correct water flow for pool cleaners, water features, and more. Variable speed pumps are favorable over single-speed pumps due to their ability to constantly circulate your pool water at a low flow rate for a long period of time. A single-speed pump functions on maximum power either on or off. This creates downtime and more noise.

ENERGY STAR-certified equipment can save you more than $2,900 over their lifetime, paying for themselves in less than two years, while also running quieter and prolonging the life of your pool’s filtration system. Plus, adding a water feature provides the benefit of water circulation and filtration by continuously moving the water. Constant moving water in nature is safer than still water – the same principles can be applied to your pool. This allows you to get a cleaner, clearer pool as constant circulation better removes contaminants and bacteria. It also reduces the overall wear and tear your pool and filtration system goes through by constantly turning on and off. The higher circulation lowers salt production. Other reasons why constant circulation is beneficial to your pool include:

  • Prevent stagnation in your pool
  • Help prevent bacteria and algae growth from stagnant water
  • Increases the effectiveness of your pool’s filtration system
  • Facilitates a better environment for your pool’s sanitation system

Benefits of Variable Speed Pool Pumps

There are many benefits of installing a variable speed pump over a single speed. The biggest advantage is that it provides 24-hour circulation and filtration at no extra cost to you. Other benefits include:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Lowers Monthly Energy Bills
  • Longer Lasting
  • Programmable
  • Cleaner Pool Water
  • Quiet Operation

Invest in Your Pool Today

Investing in a variable speed pump saves you money, time, and effort in the long run. The convenience factor matched with the added benefits makes it an easy recommendation for any pool owner. Whether you’re interested in a new variable speed pump or are replacing your existing system, visit Tribal Waters. Our team of experts has years of experience helping pool owners throughout Phoenix make the most of their backyard getaways. Variable speed pumps are just one of many excellent additions we can recommend to create the perfect pool experience. Call or visit us today to learn more!