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Commercial Pool Builders in Phoenix, AZ

Whether you’re operating a club, community center, school, neighborhood, apartment complex, or any other commercial establishment, a pool can be a great addition. This public-use pool can be a great way to treat your guests and members and increase your property value, but you must also adhere to specific laws, equipment, maintenance standards, and other aspects. Tribal Waters is here to help you design your ideal commercial pool that follows safety and regulatory laws for your guests to enjoy. Have a look at our commercial pool gallery! Contact us today for a free consultation.


What are the Requirements of Commercial Pools?

Before you dive into designing a commercial pool for your property, it’s important to know the laws and regulations. While homeowners have to maintain private swimming pool rules and regulations, commercial swimming pools are under a closer watch due to them being available to the public. Whether you’re installing a competitive swimming pool over 50 meters in length or a free-form pool with waterfalls and rock formations for a club, make sure you plan accordingly. Your pool is for public use, and as such, it’s important to construct a pool to reduce liability in case of injuries. We’ll also help you account for slope calculations, bather loads, overflow drains, and many other aspects you may be unfamiliar with.


Most Popular Commercial Pool Designs

There are many reasons to install a commercial pool, as well as endless unique styles. If you’re in the market to install one on your property but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve put together a helpful starting list for ideas. These pools are among the most common found in schools, community centers, residential areas, and more.

Lap Pools

Lap pools are usually constructed with fitness and health in mind. They are long and narrow with a dedicated length. If you have a long or shallow lot, they’re ideal, as they tend not to be as deep and require fewer specifics to operate. Lap pools are also popular in community centers due to their versatility. You can also use them for water games such as water polo as well as military exercises.

Waterfall Pools & Other Dynamic Aspects

Modern trends have led to quite the design influx of interesting and unique pool designs. Waterfalls use a series of pipes to connect the pool with the water feature, pumping water from the top continuously. For this approach, we’re proud to say we can conceal to work within the waterfall, preserving the aesthetics and preventing possible damage to pipes and inner workings. These styles of pools are perfect for luxury apartments and clubs where you want to dazzle your guests with their own oasis. Plus, they provide the best opportunity for customization, allowing you to match your pool with your property’s design motif.

Splash Pads

Usually found in public parks, splash pads have little to no standing water. Instead, they provide places for children and families to play with water spouting from different features and areas. We can conceal the plumbing, leading to a safe and relaxing experience. Additionally, with splash pads, since there is less water, you stand significantly less risk of drowning and injuries. These pools usually contain ground nozzles that spray water, waterfalls, tree-shaped showers, moveable spray nozzles, and other colorful ways to encourage fun in the sun.

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