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Phoenix Custom Pool Builder

Building a pool in your backyard is an exciting process—or at least it should be. It’s quite a large undertaking and when you work with inexperienced or careless pool contractors, you’re likely to get stressed out. But here at Tribal Waters Custom Pools & Spas, we believe the process should be fun. That’s why we go out of our way to guide you through custom pool planning and handle every aspect of construction in-house. That way, we can save you time and money. We also offer full consultation and planning services. We want you to be as informed and as prepared for construction as possible so our design experts will go over all the important points with you. All you have to do is tell us what you want, and we will get to work building the pool of your dreams. We have been building custom pools and spas in Phoenix & surrounding areas for over 10 years and in that time, we have built every kind of pool you can imagine. We have the experience and the expertise to bring your most creative pool ideas to life. Most importantly, we make it easy for you. If you are interested in installing a commercial pool or residential pool, then contact us and talk to one of our design experts today!

What to Expect When Installing a Pool

The pool-building process can be quite daunting, which is why it’s a good idea to know what you can expect from it before you get started. Take a look at the following list of things to expect before and during construction:

  • Large Construction Equipment – There will need to be large equipment on your property in order to excavate in preparation for pool construction. It will get loud at times and there will be equipment/personnel going in and out of your backyard or property. You will need to be prepared to alter your pet’s routine if you have any that typically play, eat, or do their business in your backyard. It’s also a good idea to let your neighbors know that there will be construction on your property.
  • Time – The size, scope, and the features you want for your new pool will determine how long the pool construction will take. Be prepared to have technicians and a small construction crew on your property.
  • Swimming Pool Cost – Again, the type of pool you want will have a big impact on how much it ends up costing. You should be prepared for the cost and explore financing options. Here at Tribal Waters Custom Pools & Spas, we offer multiple financing options from some of the most trusted and reputable lenders in the Phoenix area.
  • Safety – At certain points in the custom pool construction process, there will be a gaping hole in your backyard. If you have small children or pets, you should be prepared to keep them from playing in the backyard for a certain period of time.

It sounds like a lot to deal with, but we do our best to complete construction in a timely manner. We know that you need to be able to get back to your normal routine and that you want to start enjoying your new pool as soon as possible. We have a complete, in-house construction crew that works hard to complete projects within the given timeline. Your project is our top priority so get it started with us today!

pool construction almost complete

How Long Does It Take to Build A Custom Pool?

Another thing you have to think about when building a custom pool is the timeframe for completion. Custom pools come in all shapes and sizes, so giving a universal timeline simply isn’t feasible. Here at Tribal Waters Custom Pools & Spas, we build both residential and commercial pools, so we know firsthand what affects the project timeline. Let’s review some of the aspects that affect construction timelines:

  • Commercial or Residential – Commercial pools tend to be larger than residential pools as they are built to accommodate more people at a time. Naturally, commercial pools and spas take longer to build.
  • Features – If you want multiple water features like rain curtains, spillover spas, fountains, and waterfalls, you can expect for your project to take a bit longer than normal.
  • Materials – The materials you choose for your pool will also determine how long it will take to build it. For instance, concrete-lined pools take longer to build.

You can get a better idea of exactly how long your pool will take during the design and consultation process.

backyard pool and landscape design

Steps in Building a Pool

 A lot of our customers ask us exactly what the process of pool construction involves. It’s important to know what the steps are so you can plan accordingly. Take a look at the following overview of the construction process:

  • Consultation/Design – We work with you to design your pool using 3D imaging software.
  • Excavation and Steel Installation – A cavity is excavated for your pool and steel bars are installed to form the general shape of the pool.
  • Plumbing Installation – Next, water lines will be created for the filter and pump systems.
  • Concrete – The concrete foundation is then poured into your pool and shaped.
  • Decking – The perimeter of your pool (the pool deck) is then built to your specifications.
  • Plastering – Then, the surface liner of your pool is installed.
  • Filling and Inspection – Lastly, your pool will be filled with water and chemically balanced. Our technicians do a final inspection of the pool at this point.

When you consult with us about your project, we are able to give you more details about what steps will be involved to build your pool. It all starts with a phone call, so give us a call today!

Things You Should Consider When Building a Pool

Of course, there should be some considerations made before you decide to build a custom pool on your property. We help you plan for everything during the design process; but in the meantime, take a look at some of the most important considerations:

  • Size and Heating – If you opt for a pool heater, know that the size of your pool will have a big impact on how long it takes to heat it up. Also, bigger pools will be more expensive to heat up. You will also need to fill your pool up with water from time to time in order to maintain the proper level, so keep that in mind when you are deciding how big you want the pool to be.
  • Your Family – If you have kids, they will most certainly want to spend a lot of time in the pool, so you should design your pool with your kids in mind. Yes, you want it to be fun and accessible for them; but you also want it to be as safe for them as possible. This means positioning the pool in a place where you can see it from the inside and the outside of your house.
  • Usage – How do you plan to use your pool? Do you want to simply lounge in the water, or do you plan to use it for laps? These kinds of considerations will help you figure out what kind of features you want and how big/deep you need the pool to be. Also, think about how many people are likely to use it at any given time. Will you be hosting pool parties or is the pool more for just you and your family?
  • Budget – Of course, you will also need to consider how much you want to spend on a pool. No matter what your budget is though, we give you plenty of options.

Contact Our Pool Contractors Today!

No matter what kind of pool you want to build, the pool contractors here at Tribal Waters Custom Pools & Spas will be there for you every step of the way. Our technicians and design experts are happy to field all of your questions and concerns. Talk to our team today!

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