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Recognizing Common Pool Repairs in the Phoenix, AZ Area

Your swimming pool provides hours of relaxation and contentment in the privacy of your own backyard. With the luxury of pool ownership comes great responsibility. Wear and tear from regular usage and exposure to the elements causes occasional leaks, breakages, and malfunctions. Part of being a diligent pool owner is knowing when you need swimming pool repairs or equipment replacements. If you take care of your swimming pool’s maintenance needs, it will continue to take care of you on those dog days of summer in Arizona. Below, Tribal Waters Custom Pools & Spas has analyzed the most common pool repairs for our Greater Phoenix Area customers. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our in-ground swimming pool and acrylic hot tub specialists are always happy to help. From custom pool design to pool installation and addressing common pool repairs, our swimming pool contractors have you covered with reliable service at competitive rates.

Pool Resurfacing & Replastering to Repair Cracks & Damages

Concrete in-ground swimming pools often experience cracks that may require pool resurfacing services. If damaged, your pool’s plaster could cause the surface to feel rough underfoot, almost like you’re walking on sand or pebbles. If ignored for too long, it could lead to worse water leakage issues. Pool resurfacing can also take years off your pool’s appearance by removing stained and faded plaster. Any time you notice signs of cracking or fading, be sure to give our expert pool builders in Phoenix a call.

Pool Equipment Repairs: Leaky Pumps to Malfunctioning Motors

Your swimming pool has many components that could break down or malfunction over time. Any loud grinding or screeching noises could be a warning sign that something’s wrong with your pool’s various pumps and motors. The pool pump works hard to circulate your pool’s water and ensure everything runs smoothly. A clogged pump could cause sudden pressure drops and low water flow. The pool filter and skimmer gasket work hard to keep debris out of your pool for more sanitary swimming conditions. Leaky equipment can turn into more expensive pool repairs if you ignore them for too long. Dirty filters are another common problem that can cause your pool water to look murky or swampy. It may require a deep filter cleaning or a pool filter replacement cartridge from time to time. Have our pros take a look.

Water Feature and Hardscape Repairs: Broken Pavers and More

Hardscaping features around your residential or commercial swimming pool, including decorative rocks, pavers, coping, decking, or retaining walls, may eventually need repair. Stone surfaces are all susceptible to cracking, breaking, or overheating in the hot Arizona climate. Water features, including pool jets, bubbling rock, garden fountains, cascades, and waterfalls, may occasionally break down. If your pool’s fancy water features are making groaning noises, experiencing low water pressure, or have stopped working altogether, it’s probably time to give our experts a call for an inspection and repair.

Pool Plumbing Repairs Should Always Be Handled Professionally

The most important thing to remember about pool plumbing repairs is they require an experienced pool repair company and not a standard plumber. The second thing to remember is no matter how minor the leak, it should be addressed as quickly as possible. The bottom line is a leak causes damages to your pool over time, even if they’re not always apparent. If you’ve noticed an unusually high water bill, rusty equipment, or excess water on your lawn, then you likely have a leak somewhere. The longer you put off a pool plumbing repair, the more money it could end up costing you on your energy bills and repairs.

Don’t Wait to Get Common Swimming Pool Repairs Addressed

Other repairs we see often involve pool lighting and heaters. If troubleshooting doesn’t seem to work, it may be time to call in a professional to determine the cause of your electrical issue. While you may be tempted to forego common pool repairs to save money in the short term, it’s best to get them addressed quickly. Don’t compromise the longevity of your pool by waiting too long. Learn more by calling Tribal Waters in the Greater Phoenix Area, including the West Valley, East Valley, Scottsdale, and Chandler. From minor pool repairs to complete pool remodels, our pool repair technicians are fully licensed and insured and always happy to help. Call today for your free estimate!

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