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Have Questions About In-Ground Swimming Pools in Phoenix, AZ?

There are various affordable options for anyone who’s ever considered the possibility of installing an in-ground swimming pool. Adding a backyard pool has many benefits. Swimming is an excellent form of aerobic exercise to help you maintain a healthy weight and keep active outdoors. It’s also a great way to increase your home’s value. Many buyers will find it an attractive feature, especially when combined with a modern deck or patio with an outdoor kitchen area, exterior LED lighting, and lush landscaping or decorative hardscaping elements. If you’re interested in comparing types of in-ground swimming pools in the Greater Phoenix Area, let Tribal Waters Custom Pools & Spas be your guide. Our custom pool builders have over a decade’s worth of experience to offer you free quotes and expert advice.

Concrete In-Ground Swimming Pools Are Stable and Durable

Concrete (or gunite) makes an excellent in-ground swimming pool material because it’s stable, durable, and porous. It may require the occasional pool resurfacing to keep up its pristine appearance minus cracks in the plaster. However, your concrete pool should give you many years of relaxation and enjoyment. Concrete works well with any pool shape or size, offering numerous custom pool design possibilities. A variety of plaster finishes are available to complement any style of pool decking, and concrete pools allow you to add custom water features easily.

Worth the Wait

However, concrete pool installation is a bit more labor-intensive than other building materials, meaning your backyard could look like a swimming pool construction zone for several weeks or even months. Concrete in-ground swimming pools also tend to cost more to install than other types. You can rest assured a concrete swimming pool is built to last, although it may require more hands-on maintenance and chemical usage than other types.

In-Ground Pools Are Also Described by Size, Shape, & Function

In-ground swimming pools are also described according to their intended usage. A rectangular or family pool is likely the type you envision when you hear the words “in-ground swimming pool.” However, today’s pools come in all shapes and sizes, including round or circular pools, plunge pools for a quick dip, cocktail pools with more entertaining space around them, and reflecting pools with a Zen-like quality and an elongated shape. Lap or exercise pools are designed for people who enjoy swimming laps, while freeform pools are designed to look like a natural body of water with a curvier shape. We also specialize in creating a custom swimming pool design for small backyards.

Discuss Swimming Pool Ideas with Our Knowledgeable Team

Which type of in-ground swimming pool you choose is ultimately up to your personal preferences. All three types are extremely popular in the Greater Phoenix Area, and we have over a decade’s worth of experience installing all of them for residential and commercial customers. Whether your home is located in the East Valley, West Valley, Scottsdale, or Chandler area, we’d be happy to give you a free estimate on swimming pool design and construction. Talk to us about adding water features, such as garden fountains, spraying jets, or bubbling rock to enhance the beauty of your new backyard oasis. No matter which type of in-ground swimming pool you choose from Tribal Waters, you should enjoy a high resale value for your property. If you could use some swimming pool ideas, all you have to do is ask!

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