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Swimming Pool Resurfacing Experts

Over time, your pool can become cracked, faded, and damaged due to weathering and ongoing use. The plaster in your pool can degrade and allow water leakage into your yard. We offer fast, effective, and affordable pool and spa resurfacing and replastering that can resolve this problem and ensure your pool remains functional for decades to come. We can also retile your pool and renovate your pool deck to encompass a more modern look and feel. Our team of repair technicians is fully licensed and insured, and we’ll ensure you’re more than satisfied with our work. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation resurfacing estimate.

Revitalize Your Pool and Spa

Make sure you’re making the most of your pool by hiring Tribal Waters for your pool resurfacing needs. Our Phoenix, AZ pool experts are here to help you with all types of renovations a resurfacing. The plaster in your pool is responsible for containing water and preventing leakage into your yard and property. Our team provides affordable and efficient pool resurfacing and re-plastering services to keep your pool nice and secure for years of fun in the sun. If your pool is suffering from aging tile, we’re also happy to retile it for you with high-quality materials that will enhance your pool’s aesthetics and structure. Call today to schedule your free estimate from our fully licensed and insured repair technicians.

Our Pool Remodeling Process

The resurfacing and remodeling process is in-depth and requires precise, calculated steps. Our team of experts makes sure to put our all into every level of detail when installing our products. First, we prepare your pool for the remodel. This includes draining the pool, adding weep holes, and chipping out around lighting fixtures, fittings, and drains. We also edge the pool to create a proper bonding with the new surface. We also check the pool surface for hollow areas to guarantee maximum contact. From there, we can make design changes such as expanding your pool, affixing new rebar, changing the depth level, installing benches, steps, and more. This is your opportunity to truly change your pool’s design!

After everything is decided, we can tile and cope your pool with the new materials. This will complement your finish. We add a layer of bond coat to the entire surface for final prep. During this phase, we also clean all debris, sand, and plaster from the pool and haul it away for you. Next, our team mixes the finish that you have chosen from our catalog in our hopper, and pneumatically applies it to the pool’s interior. We’ll use hand trowels in small areas to guarantee and even surface and finish on your pool. Technicians will also apply aggregate to the entire pool and acid wash it with a final cleansing treatment. This enhances the brightness of your finish and allows it to harden. Finally, we buff and pressure clean the pool, depending on your selected finish. After we’re finished, we will refill your pool and test your filtration system to make sure everything is running optimally! There won’t be any wait time for dust removal or plater to settle.

Pool and Patio Solutions

We offer a wide variety of pool services to Phoenix, AZ homeowners. Resurfacing is an important aspect of repairing and maintaining your pool against leaks and damages to your property. Offering expert pool designs, installations, re-plastering services, and more. When you want the best, most efficient, and most affordable pool services, look no further than Tribal Waters. Call us today for a free estimate and to chat about your vision for your pool. Our design team is happy to work with you every step of the way to make sure you love your newly-designed and repaired pool.

Breathe new life into your pool or spa. Call today at (623) 587-8500.

Pool Remodeling Could Save Your Wallet Thousands. Call (623) 587-8500 Today.