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Convenience and Flexibility for Your Pool in Phoenix

As pool owners, we understand that a lot of time and effort goes into maintaining a clean, nice, and safe pool. But what if some of those processes could be done for you? Pool automation and control systems make it easier than ever to enjoy your pool without all the back-breaking working and worrying about testing, cleaning, and filtration. At Tribal Waters, we carry a wide range of high-quality, name-brand pool automation and control systems for your Phoenix pool. These allow you flexibility and convenience as you control systems and automate your maintenance processes all from your phone or a convenient location. Learn about how automation systems can benefit you. When you’re ready, visit our Phoenix pool service center to invest in possibly the greatest part of owning your own pool.

What Are Pool Automation and Control Systems?

Pool automation services are sued to control one or multiple systems in your pool with convenient, intuitive controls. You can turn on and off lights, control temperatures, turn on the pump, and more. There are different levels of automation systems, from entry-level systems that replace mechanical time clocks to full advanced systems that can provide you with all the information you would ever need. Modern automation and control systems can:

  • Alert you of chemical balance in your pool
  • Control maintenance schedules
  • Set alarms
  • Control lights
  • Control spa jets
  • Turn on and off blowers and water features
  • Integrate with apps on your phone to control wherever you are
  • Set temperature
  • Set times for cleaning and chemical applications

Benefits of Pool Automation

There are many benefits of automating your pool. Cleaning your pool and maintaining proper chemicals levels can take up a lot of your time – but it doesn’t have to. Modern technology and advancements have made pool automation an almost must-have. Your pool can become self-sufficient and lower the routine maintenance checks you would have to do otherwise, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your pool rather than spend all your time working on and around it. Benefits of automating your pool include:

Saving Time

Time is money. We have full-time jobs, families, and homes to take care of. What little time we have to ourselves, we want to spend relaxing and enjoying our pools rather than taking care of them. Pool automation and control systems allow you to skip the time you spend measuring chemical levels and cleaning your pool. This frees up all the time to actually enjoy your pool! Modern automation apps allow you to monitor chemical balances, your pump, chemical feeder, chlorinator, and more.


You installed a pool to enhance your relaxation and enjoyment out of life – not to give you more to work on every week. Automation allows you to enjoy convenient cleaning and maintenance with the push of a button or a tap on your phone. Wherever you are, your apps can maintain your pool without you needing to haul bags of chemicals out of storage. You can also set specific seasonal intervals to check for specific aspects of your pool, including a winter or summer mode. You can even change your pool’s mood to fit a party mode or a romantic date night mode.


By controlling your pool’s systems from your phone, you can be flexible with your lifestyle. Whether you’re going on vacation or are particularly busy one week, you don’t have to worry about dedicating time to taking care of your pool. Have you ever been away from home or even laying down for bed and realized you left a light on in your pool or left a system running? Now you can easily access and change those systems and lights from your phone, making changes on the fly simple and making your life easier. You can easily change maintenance schedules due to climate and usage remotely.

Contact Us Today

When you contact us or visit our Phoenix location, we’ll help you figure out the right automation and control system that matches your pool, needs, and budget. There is a wide range of different systems, all with their own processes. Our expert team will help you find yours. Whether you’re installing a brand-new system or upgrading your existing one, you have plenty of options to make your life more convenient. You’ll spend less time worrying and maintaining your pool and more time sitting back and enjoying it.