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Chlorine Alternative Treatment for Your Pool in Phoenix

Ozone pool water systems are a healthy, safe, and effective method of keeping your swimming pool clean. Instead of chlorine and other chemicals, ozone can be used to protect your poo from harmful pathogens and other contaminants. At Tribal Waters, we specialize in providing Phoenix, AZ pool owners with the tools they need to keep their pools safe and clean for less. Ozone pool systems are effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and parasites. It’s also a great oxidizer, chemically destroying contaminants in your pool. Learn about the benefits of ozone pool systems, why we sell and install them, and why you should invest in one for your pool. When you’re ready, contact our team or visit our Phoenix pool shop today! Our helpful team has years of experience helping pool owners make the most of their slices of paradise.

What Is a Pool Ozone System?

Ozone is a blue gas that is made up of three oxygen atoms. It is effective in pool systems due to its ability to naturally kill and inactivate contaminants, bacteria, and other foreign bodies you don’t want in your pool. Instead of adding more chemicals to your pool, ozone sanitizes your pool using its circulation system. Your pool’s circulation system applies ozone in a very low and safe concentration to clean your pool. However, it is not a catch-all. You will still need bromine or chlorine to your pool, but in significantly lower levels. Furthermore, ozone is not transportable – you cannot buy it in tanks or bags like other chemicals. You must generate ozone in your system using an ozonator or an ozone generator.

As water passes through your pool’s circulation system and through the ozonator, it becomes sanitized before returning to your pool. All of the ozone is used up before the water is returned to the swimming area as ozone is not safe for human exposure. Your ozonator and circulation system will keep your pool safe and swimmable by eliminating harmful contaminants but avoiding exposing swimmers to the ozone itself. Ozone can be generated in your pool via corona discharge or ultraviolet light. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each method and recommend the right system for your pool.

Benefits of Using Ozone Over Chlorine

There are many benefits of using an ozone system instead of purely chemicals. Most people who use ozone systems also use chlorine in their pools to maximize efficiency and improve their quality. Some of the biggest positives of installing an ozone system in your pool include:

  • Versatility to work with inground, above ground, indoor, and outdoor pools
  • Can install them in fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl-lined pools
  • Different options to choose from – Chlorine Discharge & UV generator
  • Kills and inactivates contaminants and pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites

Visit Us Today to Learn More!

Our team has years of experience helping pool owners throughout Phoenix make the most of their systems. Making sure your pool is clean and safe is the most important aspect of owning a pool. Ozone pool systems help maximize the efficiency of eliminating all contaminants from your pool, allowing you to kick back and relax more than worrying about chemical balances and other filtration systems. Chat with us today about installing an ozone system in your pool today. We’ll go over how it can help benefit you and recommend the perfect system that’s right for your pool and budget.