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Tribal Waters Custom Pools & Spas Designs Splash Pools & Pads

Splash pads make a wonderful addition to any backyard, especially if you have children or pets. Today’s state-of-the-art splash pads incorporate various water elements, including sprays, mists, and even waterfalls for a whimsical design the whole family will love. Tribal Waters Custom Pools & Spas specializes in the design and installation of custom kids’ splash pads in the Phoenix Metro Area. Below, you’ll find answers to our frequently asked questions regarding splash pools and pads. Give us a call to request additional product information or a free estimate, and start enjoying your summer in style!

What Is a Splash Pad, and Where Can You Install One?

Do you remember the days of running through a sprinkler and the hours of refreshing enjoyment it brought to your childhood on a hot summer’s day? A splash pad is a modern upgrade to this concept. Splash pools or pads are one of the most popular outdoor home additions sweeping the nation. They’re usually more affordable and versatile than a swimming pool. With so many water elements and fun features to choose from, they’re completely customizable according to your space. While most people think of splash pads for their backyard, you can install them virtually anywhere outdoors. We’ve designed and installed splash pads on driveways, patios, playground areas, campgrounds, recreational parks, and next to pools or hot tubs. Whether you want us to add fire hydrants, animals, gentle mists, or cascading waterfalls, just ask our award-winning design consultants at Tribal Waters Custom Pools & Spas!

Does It Matter if I Have a Sprinkler System or Septic Tank?

Nope! If necessary, we can easily relocate your home’s existing sprinkler system for your new splash pad design and installation. If you have a septic tank, we cannot install your new splash pad anywhere near your leach field for safety and sanitary reasons. If you have a sprinkler system or septic tank in place, don’t worry. Our designers will work with you to determine the best placement of your new splash pad.

How Can I Afford a Custom Splash Pad in My Backyard?

Splash pads aren’t just for recreational water parks and resorts anymore, although we do install them for both residential and commercial clients in the Phoenix Metro Area and surrounding cities, including Scottsdale, Maricopa, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Glendale. Tribal Waters Custom Pools & Spas offers custom solutions to suit all budgets, including affordable entry-level splash pools and pads. The cost of your new splash pad will depend on how elaborate the water feature options you select are. Because we want you to have the backyard you desire without breaking the bank, we also offer third-party financing for qualified customers through A&A Pool Financing, Lyon Financial, and Credit Union West.

What Sizes Do Your Splash Pools and Pads Come In?

Splash pools and pads can be any shape or size you desire, depending on your available yard space and budget. The sky’s the limit when it comes to adding sprays, mists, hydrants, and other fun features!

How Many Kids or Adults Can a Splash Pad Accommodate?

This answer largely depends on the size and shape you select. Generally, a 20×20 splash pad should accommodate 6-12 people at a time, depending on their size and weight.

How Safe Are Kids’ Splash Pads in the Backyard?

Very safe! You won’t have to worry about accidental drownings caused when kids run around and fall into unattended swimming pools. Splash pads don’t contain any standing water and are a zero-depth water feature with much lower risks of drowning, water inhalation, or accidents. Nor will they cause your homeowners’ insurance to go up because they’re not considered as much of a liability as a pool. In fact, many water parks have already made the switch to splash pads for the safety of their patrons. Splash pools and pads make an excellent alternative to swimming pools, especially if you have small children who are afraid of the water or who haven’t learned to swim yet.

Can Children Slip and Fall on a Splash Pad?

It depends on the material you’ve selected for the surface of your splash pad. A clear-coat cement surface may cause some concern for minor slip-and-fall injuries. However, adding a non-slip acrylic surface coating can enhance the safety of your splash pad significantly. At Tribal Waters Custom Pools & Spas, we only use the highest-quality products to ensure safety. We can help you design the appropriate splash pad for your kids’ needs.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Custom Kids’ Splash Pad?

Splash pools or pads are a great way to introduce young children to water while allowing them to enjoy playing in it at their own pace. They’re usually more cost-effective than installing a swimming pool and work well in any sized backyard. When you invest in a custom splash pad for your backyard, the resulting laughter, smiles, and memories are priceless. Pets also love running around and cooling off in them, especially in the dry heat found year-round in the Phoenix Metro Area!

How Clean Is the Water in a Custom Kids’ Splash Pad?

Many kids’ splash pads come with built-in chlorinators and UV light sanitizers to ensure the water inside their water features is kept clean for your kids’ health and safety. Your splash pad may require regular maintenance to ensure everything remains clean, depending on how often your family uses it.

How Much Will a Splash Pad Affect My Monthly Water Bill?

You may notice an increase in your water bill for your splash pad’s initial filling. The average tank size for a splash pad is about 250 gallons, so you shouldn’t notice very much of an increase going forward. How often you use the splash pad and how many hours at a time you let its water features run will influence your monthly water bill. On average, many households see an increase of $20-40 per month when enjoying their splash pad eight hours a day for 30 days. It may fluctuate based on your local utility rates.

How Long Does Custom Splash Pad Installation Usually Take?

Splash pad installation times will vary according to how elaborate the water features you’ve selected are and how busy our crews are, but generally, they take about a week. Contact Tribal Waters Custom Pools & Spas for more details, including a free estimate. We’re open Monday through Saturday and Sundays by appointment. We proudly service customers in the Phoenix Metro Area, West Valley, and East Valley. We can’t wait to discuss the exciting details of your next project!